Designers & Manufacturers of Temporary Inflatable Structures - Inflate


Inflate is a progressive brand dedicated to creating striking bold, contemporary structures. Inflate is supported by its own dedicated design and production team in the UK and expanding partners around the world to deliver unique structures into all types of events and locations.

Inflate was formally established in 1995 with our roots going back to 1993 where, fresh from college- our first range of products included inflatable fruit bowls and egg cups. It was through the marketing of the smaller products that Inflate evolved into designing larger structures, namely for the interior exhibition market.

Aesthetically stunning as well financially cost effective, inflate offers the following unique advantages:

  • They can replace the need for a venue….they are the venue.
  • These structures takes only 30 mins to 1 hour to inflate by our professional team. This means no costly site rentals days in advanced for set up.
  • Inflate are completely self supporting structures meaning no internal frame work is required, allowing full and creative of their internal space.
  • Inflate are built to the highest safety standards including a super water proof and fire proof materials as well as a unique cell structure.
  • Their unique reflecting material and internal and external lighting options allows the complete look and feel of the structure to chance in minutes.
  • For corporate clients, inflate represent a high impact visual tool for marketing.
  • We can even be customized to serve your branding needs.

Dome: 25 x 25

The capacity of the Dome:
It can take up to 800 people standing, 600 people seated and Weddings from 150 -200 people.

Cube: 15 x 15 and 10 x 10

The capacity of the Cube 15 x15:
It can take up to 250 people standing, 200 people seated and Weddings 100 people

The capacity of the Cube 10 x10:
It can take up to 100 people standing, 80 people seated and Weddings 60 people.

Air Roof: 11 x 6

Luna: 5 x 4